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Featured Species

Featured Species

Coming soon: An overview of endangered species

When Eagles Roar

"... a rollicking tale..." - The Palm Beach Post

“One of the Best Wildlife Books of All Time” – BookAuthority“One of the Best Books About or Featuring Birds” – BookScrolling“Best Winter Trips, What to Read Before You Go” – National Geographic“One of the Best Nature Books of 2014” – The Guardian“Book of the

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Written in a simple poetic language and including words from the Zulu that rely on musical onomatopoeia, "The Elephant's Euphonium" is an utterly charming, read-aloud story for young children. - Dale Peterson, author of Elephant Reflections, The Ghosts of Gombe, Jane Goodall: The Woman Who Redefined Man

“The Elephant's Euphonium gave me a chance to talk with my kids about poaching and conservation efforts in a more meaningful way than ever before.” - Jeremy DeSilva, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology Dartmouth College

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Discover fun facts about wildlife and animal conservation with Khula the Elephant's Activity Pages. The African Safari Coloring Field Journal is coming soon!

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